YOKOTA TOKYO is a gallery/publisher based in Tokyo. Its predecessor, Shigeru Yokota Gallery, began its activities in 1976 as a contemporary section of Gatodo Gallery in Nihombashi, and later moved to Takeshiba, Minato-ku in 1989. Since its opening, the gallery had handled the works of contemporary artists both inside and outside of Japan, and had continuously held solo exhibitions and supported the artists’ creation of their works.
In addition, Tokyo Publishing House, established in 1991, had focused on exhibiting prints of limited numbers, artist books, and photographs. We had expanded our activities overarching art archives.
In 2022, the two companies merged and were reborn under the company name YOKOTA TOKYO (Yokota Inc.). Based on the philosophy of "PUBLISHING = opening the things to the public," the company handles a wide range of works by artists from the postwar period to the present day.