Shadow always involves light.

I repeatedly print tens of millions of small dots of inks drew by fine point pen on the same support for NAMIE and D.K.D.S.d. Single layer of inks does not bear shadow. As I layer inks from thirty times to sixty times, shadows quietly involve themselves with the works. You can also call shadows as dark fields generated by time. Of course, intricately layered colors/lights are the protagonists of my works. But backlights from far beyond form shadows of each dot and I see the shadows become part of works. It is an issue for me, because I have been vividly aware of colors but the colors become dull by shadows. However, I realized that shadows are equally important elements in my works, and this realization would probably change my interpretation of my own works.

As the forest lights coming in, lights and shadows have different agencies, yet they simultaneously consist of a single landscape.

2024.5.9. Kouseki Ono

* * *

YOKOTA TOKYO is pleased to present Koseki Ono's "KAGE WA UCHI (Shadows in)".
Through the act of layering pigments to create print works, Ono's interest in color and light gradually accentuates his interest in shadow. His works simultaneously become introspective and reflect landscapes he saw in his hometown, guiding us to undecided destinations.
The exhibition shows NAMIE, which Ono enlarged and completed since his first show at the gallery (the Tokyo Publishing House) in 2017. The exhibition also shows his new two-dimensional works, revealing Ono's fundamental perspective as an artist.

Kouseki Ono NAMIE (Part) 2020
©︎Kouseki Ono | Photo: Daisuke Aochi