YOKOTA TOKYO was pleased to present the exhibition "Kiyoji Otsuji In the Studio." Under the painter Nobuya Abe’s direction, Otsuji took some experimental photographs at Abe’s studio in 1950. Three of these photographs were published in the magazine Camera with the heading, "New Staged Photography by Modern Artists." Some of these photographs are well-known such as Object and Portrait of an Artist. A newly discovered series of glass plate negatives contain interesting, as-yet-unknown images as well as details not visible in the prints of the time. We publish the portfolio of these photographs in conjunction with the exhibition. The portfolio includes previously unpublished photographs in different compositions, focusing on the fresh experimental collaboration between Otsuji and Abe. The exhibition also showed other related works.

Image credit: ©︎ Tetsuo Otsuji

"Kiyoji Otsuji In the Studio"

Case Size:51.5 x 41.5 x 3.5 cm
Print Size: 30.5 x 24.0 cm
Edition:Limited Edition of 5 Copies
Date of Issue:2023
Print:Gelatin Silver Print in Matte, 7 Works are Included
Modern Print Production:Masahiro Kodaira
Texts:Kin'ichi Obinata, Masahiro Kodaira
Production Cooperationn:Top Art Kamakura

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