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Katsuhiro Yamaguchi / Kiyoji Otsuji

山口勝弘・大辻清司 APN 山口勝弘・大辻清司 APN 山口勝弘・大辻清司 APN

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"Asahi Picture News (APN)" was a section in the magazine, Asahi Gurafu (Asahi Graph), which appeared 55 times in total from January 1953 to February 1954. This portfolio compiles photographs of Katsuhiro Yamaguchi's 10 objets from the total of 11 objets.

Product Detail

Technique / Material Gelatine Silver Print / Baryta paper
Size 53.5 x 43.6 x 5.4 cm
Edition 7+4A.P.
Date of Issue 2002
Number of Works 10
Objets Katsuhiro Yamaguchi
Photographs Kiyoji Otsuji
Modern Print Printing Sadamu Saito
Cooperation in producing the cases Top Art Kamakura

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