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der ZAUN


Armando der ZAUN Armando der ZAUN Armando der ZAUN

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This work consists of 16 pencil drawings “der ZAUN”, reproduced with Xerography faithfully, bound in Japanese style. The original was produced in 1996.
While the original work was drawn on Canson (224g/m2), this book uses drawing paper M (170g). Among the 30 editions, 25 are numbered as 1-25, and the rest (not for sale) as I–V. This work is contained in a slipcase.

Product Detail

Technique / Material Xerography / M drawing paper 170g
Size 21.5 x 31.8 cm
Edition 25+5A.P.
Date of Issue 2004
Number of Pages 16
Number of Prints 16 prints
Binding Ritsuko Ohira

¥41,800 tax included