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Homage to WTC

Fumihiko Maki

Fumihiko Maki Homage to WTC

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Architect Fumihiko Maki's "4 World Trade Center " building has been completed in January 2014 at the site of the former "World Trade Center" in New York.
When Maki stayed in the U.S. in the early 1970s, he took a photograph of the recently completed twin towers of Minoru Yamasaki's World Trade Center (1964-1973), reflecting the evening sun from the other side of the Hudson River. As the WTC has crumbled down in the tragic incident of September, 11 2001, his early photograph embraces new meanings. Back in the day Maki could not have guessed that he would once contribute to the construction of the new "4 World Trade Center" on Ground Zero.
The photo collage "Homage to WTC" is – as its title suggests – conceived as a homage to the World Trade Center.

Product Detail

Material Lambda Print / Alpolic / mounted on aluminum plate
Size 750×450 cm
Edition 27+3A.P.
Date of Issue 2015
Cooperation in Producing Maki and Associates

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