Nathan Lerner: Photographs, Chicago⇄Japan

YOKOTA TOKYO presents the exhibition “Nathan Lerner Photographs: Chicago–Japan” from March 11 to April 5. Lerner is a versatile artist who created the works of photography, paintings, and product designs. Coincided with this exhibition, YOKOTA TOKYO and the Japan Cultural Research Institute co-host the talk on Lerner’s photography.
On the first part, the director of Lyon Artbooks and editor, Christopher Lyon will introduce the oeuvre of Lerner’s photographic works. On the second part, the three-way conversation by Kiyoko Lerner, Masafumi Fukagawa, and Toshino Iguchi highlights Lerner’s contact points with Japan, particularly with his contemporary photographers and education of photography in Japan.
Through the lecture and conversation by the speakers who personally knows Lerner or his works well, we will explore his photographic works, personality, and historical background of his time.

Nathan Lerner


Date|March 20 (Wed) 13:30–15:30 (Doors open at 13:00)


Reservation|Required(Please make a reservation through Peatix or send us your name and contact at info@jcritokyo.org.) *There may be standing room if capacity is exceeded.


Co-hosted by YOKOTA TOKYO and the Japan Cultural Research Institute


Part I|Lecture by Christopher Lyon (Director of Lyon Artbooks, editor)

Part II|Three-way conversation by Kiyoko Lerner (Mrs. Lerner, pianist), Masafumi Fukagawa (Independent curator, critic), Toshino Iguchi, Ph.D. (Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Saitama University)

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"Nathan Lerner:Photographs, Chiago–Japan"


Period|2024.3.11 – 4.5

YOKOTA TOKYO is pleased to present the exhibition, “Nathan Lerner: Photographs, Chicago–Japan.” This is second solo show of Lerner. His major photographic works from the 1930s to 1970s selected from his self-editing portfolio are on view.

Nathan Lerner